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Get advice wash or not to wash your car
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We will show you nearest and most
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It's a good day
to sell Car Detailing
Polishing and waxing
Exterior, interior, engine detailing –
our customers like it!
Dreams come true
If it's bad
weather, our
app advises
people your detailing
services and it works.
You didn't even
dream about it.
But that's not all
It's hard to sell something
out of season. We implement sales
regardless of season. Yes, you heard right.
We sell and promote
your sales. We do it much easier
because we're always
handy to our customers.
Our forecast will help
We know when your customers need to wash their
car and enqueue them to your car wash beforehand.
Prepare rags and buckets.
The best
You will be highlighted
among the competitors.
Customers will see
your car wash on
the top of the list.
Customers of our
app will see which
services your
car wash provides and how
much is it costs.
Kings of car washes
Most splendid car washes
can be marked with crown.
It's very nice to be a king
but it's more nicer that
customers like it.
We are not greedy.
If your company wash
better than anybody
else we will tell about it.
There are badges for this
WannaWash glad to
help you answer reviews
from customers in time.
We bet they will like it.
We will show you how many customers
find your car wash
from our App
We can report you
which services
our customers
use often.
Statistics will help
you create better
advertisement and
be more caring of clients.
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